What is the Benefit of a Clarity Call?

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How Does Coaching Work?

A Clarity Call is first of all **a very good idea**

For most of the doctors who contact us for support, a Clarity Call is our number one recommendation.

A Clarity Call helps you get set up for success and getting personalised answers, advice and immediately implementable strategies for your current problems or challenges in your medical career.

The Clarity Call involves meeting one on one online with our expert for 30 minutes where we assess your current situation, your plans and goals and help you develop a smart plan.

Use Cases #

There are a number of ways doctors have successfully used a Strategy Call.

These include:

  • Trainee doctors developing a strategy for their next specialist training application.
  • International medical graduates using the call to get advice on their prospects and best possible pathway to work in Australia.
  • Specialist IMGs developing a strategy for approaching the specialist pathway application.
  • Consultants developing a coaching plan for a specific developmental goal, such as improving performance as a people manager.


Our Clarity Calls are also priced affordably at our lowest coaching rate so that you can confidently meet with us without worrying about financial risk.

Plus we are happy to refund you the cost of the call if you do not feel that you obtained good value from our discussion

Number of Calls Requesting Refund – 0 #

Number of Strategy Calls conducted – 41 (December 2020) #

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