Getting Started With Your Specialist Pathway Application

Thanks for putting your trust in us to help you with your specialist pathway application.

Whether you are utilising my full package or just asking me to review your application or perhaps getting some coaching around the college interview I have put together a few helpful suggestions for getting you started.

First Steps. Enrol in the Associated Course – Highly Advisable. #

I highly recommend that if you haven’t already that you work your way through the special course I have written to help doctors with the specialist pathway.

There is a handy checklist in this course that will help you to make sure you are on track with your application and you don’t overlook a key element (for e.g. the need to sit and English language test).

The two key things that most candidates ignore to their detriment. #

In my experience, most Specialist IMGs (SIMGs) are able to navigate to the relevant college website and read through the relevant pages for IMGs, including finding the application guide and forms.

However, there are two things that most SIMGs do not look at which are crucial to a successful application.

These are the relevant college’s professional framework or competency framework and the relevant Advanced Training curriculum.

You see it is vitally important that you are able to demonstrate both in your application as well as your interview that your training and experience is as close as possible to what is expected of a specialist in Australia.

The best guide to this is what and how the college determines its own locally trained specialists should be capable of and behave.

As an example of this if you were applying to the Royal Australasian College of Physician as a General Physician you would be best advised to review your application against:

a) the RACP Professional Practice Framework
b) the RACP Advanced Training Curriculum for General Medicine & Acute Care

If you have any trouble finding either of these guides for your own specialty or subspecialty please let me know.

How to initiate your application review or CV redo? #

In order to initiate your specialist application review please kindly do so at this page

You can also initiate your CV rewrite here if you have purchased this service as well.

How to book a coaching session? #

If you have paid for coaching then you can book your next session at our handy booking page

You can choose a date and time that suits you in your own timezone and will be sent an appointment reminder and details for the Zoom booking link automatically.

How to access courses? #

If you have purchased courses as part of a package then you should be automatically enrolled in these.

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