How Does Coaching Work? How Do I Book My Coaching?

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The process of coaching is actually super easy. 
Most of Dr Anthony Llewellyn’s coaching clients find this to be a very straight forward and simple process to set up.¬†
You can also watch a video which explains the process

How coaching works

There are basically 3 steps. 

Step 1  #

Pay for your coaching session or package online. After completing check out you will then be taken to a thank you page and directed to a coaching client’s page where you can send a message and book your first session. 

Step 2  #

Go to the  Booking Page and find a date and time that suits you. From this link, you can also book future sessions as well as rebook or reschedule if you need to. You will be sent an email with an appointment as well as a text reminder a day out from your appointment. 

Step 3  #

If you have not used Zoom before its worth spending a few minutes setting this up on your computer beforehand. 
Otherwise, on the day of your appointment use the link sent to log in to your appointment a few minutes before it starts. 
All sessions are recorded for you if you wish to review them afterwards.

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