How to Get Help with Your CV / Resume OR Other Application Requirements

Information about CV and Resume and other documentation services. #

About Our CV and Resume Service

At AdvanceMed we are able to assist you in improving or revising your CV or Resume.  We can also help with devising cover letters or selection criteria.
Please note we can also help with Specialty College applications.  That service is located here.

Please note. These are premium services involving our expert Medical HR coach. We take the time to properly review your documents. As such we require time to complete them. Please check the normal turn around times prior to purchasing.

You can check out your options at the following link.

CV and Resume Re-Do #

This service requires you to have an existing CV or resume. Once you complete payment you can go to a form where you can upload your existing CV or Resume as well as other documents you feel would be helpful (for eg a position description) and complete a survey which asks a number of questions about your career, including some questions you may not have thought to be crucial to consider in developing your CV or resume.
We take all this information and in around about 5 working days provide you with a first draft, usually with a video that explains what we have done and highlights some questions we may have for you.
If you are prompt we can generally get you a completed document in around 8 working days.
Please note the final document is in PDF only. We are not able to provide you with a Word version.
If you need some minor adjustments down the track we charge a small fee for doing so.

Cover Letters and Selection Criteria #

Similar to the CV and Resume service this service helps you to hone high-quality cover letters or selection criteria.
It requires that you have at least done the first draft of your cover letter or selection criteria.  We prefer a Word document for this.
We then take this draft and review it and provide some suggested changes and comments on improving your cover letter or selection criteria.
Please note that like the CV or Resume we take the time to review your document properly so we can’t normally just do this overnight for you.  We have also had some clients in the past ask us to “make up answers”. We won’t do that for you. We will be relying on the quality of information that you can provide us to make the best cover letter or selection criteria statements possible.

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