Our CV / Resume rewrite service provides you with a professional-looking and reading doctor resume that will be more likely to grab the attention of employers.

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The process from your end is fairly simple.

1. You select either the early-career or established career version of this service.
2. You make payment
3. You fill in a short form asking questions about your career and including uploading a current version of your CV / resume

We then provide you a first draft of your new resume (this normally takes 5 working days) along with a short video taking you through it and highlighting areas requiring your input.

You provide us feedback. We return a final version normally within 8 working days*. 

Whilst 95% of our customers do not require it there is an option for a half-hour video to clarify aspects of your resume.

*Please note:
Our ability to provide you with a finalised version of your resume when you need it is dependent on your promptness as well as being able to provide clear information in relation to your career.  Often one of the problems we identify in candidates CVs is a lack of explicit achievements in their work, teaching, education and other relevant history.
Our service does not extend to "making up stories" for your resume or spending lots of time reviewing other documents which you might submit or spending lots of time interviewing you to obtain the correct information.
The resume is provided in a PDF form only (a word version is not possible). We are normally generous in how many requests we permit to edit and fine-tune your document. However, we do have a policy of no more than 2 revisions.
The following will incur further costs:
  • requests for cover letters in addition to resumes
  • request for more than one or different versions of a resume
  • needing to spend excessive time interviewing you for your resume
  • requests to update your resume at a later point in time