We get lots of queries about whether passing other examinations such as the USMLE or an MRC(something) will exempt you from having to sit the AMC exams.

To recap there are 4 pathways for International Medical Graduates to practice in Australia:

1. The Standard Pathway - which leads to general registration and requires you to sit the AMC exams.

2. The Competent Authority Pathway - which is the other pathway to general registration and applies if you have qualified in any of the UK, Ireland, Canada or the USA.

3. The Specialist Pathway - which is for specialist IMGs.

4. The Short Term Training in a Medical Specialty Pathway - which is not a permanent pathway.

If we focus on pathways 1 and 2. We can see that the only pathway that exempts you from needing to sit the AMC exams in order to obtain general registration is the competent authority pathway.

You qualify for this pathway by either graduating from medical school and completing an internship from the UK, Ireland, Canada or USA.


By completing the equivalent process to the AMC in any of the countries of UK, Canada or USA.

Note: The Medical Board of Australia does not recognise the PRES process for Ireland.

This means you must complete all steps of the LMCC, PLAB or USMLE. Plus the required supervision experience as stated by the Medical Board of Australia.

There are no exceptions to this.

For example, a USMLE Part 1. Is not a substitute for the AMC Part 1.

This also means that other exams that may qualify you in competent authority countries, such as the myriad of MRCs in the UK e.g. MRCPUK or the MRSC etc.... do not exempt you from the AMC exams.